We help non-profits behave like tech startups to make amazing new digital products and services for social good.

A collective of experts

In 2017 we stopped being a digital agency. We're now a collective of designers, entrepreneurs, engineers, teachers, researchers, and more. For over 10 years we've been using digital to improve the lives of people who are struggling.

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Tech for good

We use Silicon Valley approaches to help the good guys. We're all about digital innovation and finding new ways of working, so that you can design and build your digital platform as efficiently as possible.

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Here's some of the values we choose to live and work by:

  • Co-create with young people

    We believe strongly in consulting with the users first, through hands-on co-creation workshops, research and consultation. We've got lots of experience of doing this with young people too.

  • Establish a strong shared vision

    We make sure there is a strong vision for the project that we all understand and can share, from your senior management team, down to our new apprentice.

  • Regular measurement and user testing

    We look to measure as much as possible and incorporate regular user testing into the plan. It's not just about data, but actionable metrics and validated learning to support continuous improvements.

  • Flexible and welcome feedback

    By fully embracing Agile methodologies, we are flexible and totally prepared to change the plan at any step along the way. Everything we do is about getting feedback and challenging assumptions.

  • Innovation

    Inspired by the Lean Startup movement, constant learning, discovery and feedback is built into everything we do. We're always looking for better ways of working and love to share our learning and build networks.

  • Long Term Relationship

    We stand or fall on what our clients say about us, so we’re in this for the long term. After all, Yoomee is a family business. We don't outsource work and many of our clients have become good friends.

We're a collective of experienced strategists, producers, UX designers, software developers and testers.