Digital for good

Yoomee is a design and research consultancy. We're all about making new digital services for vulnerable people.

Our greatest hits

  • Mind

    We co-designed and built Elefriends, Mind's popular online peer-support community for vulnerable people. It has 80,000+ members, 85% who say it has helped them better manage their mental health - making it the UK's most successful online peer support service.

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  • Kirklees Council

    With funding from Bloomberg Philanthropies, we researched, designed and built Comoodle, a digital platform where people can improve and impact their community by giving others access to their 'stuff, space and skills'. With over 2,600 local resources on the platform, it's the sharing economy in action.

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  • Mindwell Leeds

    We designed and developed the go-to place for online information about mental health in Leeds, combining knowledge, resources and materials from across city: the NHS, Leeds City Council and voluntary organisations. Our co-design approach was winner of a Patient Engagement Award in 2017.

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  • Breast Cancer Now logo

    A Funds in Memory platform for the UK's biggest breast cancer charity. Friends and relatives can come together to celebrate their loved one and raise money for breast cancer research.

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  • vInspired

    We built an integrated volunteering platform, online community and crowd funding site to engage with more than 115,000 young people across the UK.

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  • Healthy Island

    A fun re-playable game for children aged 7–11 years old that encourages positive health and wellbeing choices. Available on iOS, Android and Windows.

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